Hi there! Here is a collection of special strips, or anything else of the like. In this section, you can also find fake strips (strips made by other people).

This is the strip that never got published in any books, and I'm not sure why. This strip isn't that bad.

This is the first strip...

...And this is the last.

Ever wonder which strip implied Susie played lacrosse? So did I, until I found this strip.

This strip was published in The Essential Calvin and Hobbes, but not in Something Under The Bed Is Drooling.
I can see why - bad punchline.

Probably the only time Dad gave an answer that didn't contain the words "it'll build character".
Even more impressive, he suggested to look it up in a book.

Only strip EVER with no pictures of any of the characters of Calvin and Hobbes.

And, of course, the ever-popular dancing strip, famous for illegal merchandise and animations.

My all-time favourite C&H strip. Only a genius like Watterson could think of such craziness.

Ah, classic Calvin. "Gee, mom, what do you THINK I'm doing to the coffee table?